For Your Ears

Having held back on massive musical splurges with the intention of starting a Music Blog, I recently realised I haven’t started one… so here’s a restrained burst of excitement about some music I think you should hear.


Everyone likes free stuff, isn’t it even better when that free stuff is great?!

The Age Of Rockets have made their second album, Hannah, available for free.

Get on it – or just click and listen to it here

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Videogroan #2: Female Role Models And Fetish Porn

There, that headline should clock up the hit-count.

So in the first Videogroan I whined talked about Lady Gaga, but what made me want to write these turbomegablogs was seeing the Alejandro video and then seeing the latest videos from her competition;  Christina Aguilera’s ‘Not Myself Tonight’ (released in April through RCA) and Kylie Minogue’s ‘All The Lovers’ (released a few weeks back through Parlophone).  Both are long-established queens of pop.  Both are huge role models and idols.  Both have very dodgy new videos.  And I have a problem with that.

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Claymation Engage

Your CGI can go fudge itself.

It’s a very silly video, but they’re  very silly band.

Who I’d like to see again, really.