There’s No Charge In My Battery


So the LIVE BLOG FROM GLASTONBURY didn’t really work out, which is a shame, but I have a rubbish Blackberry battery to blame.  I took a spare, carefully charged, and put it in the lockups. When I swapped my first when the meter ran red … nothing.

Most frustrating.

However, it was – to put it mildly – one of the best four days of my life.  I’m going to do extensive blogging about each day, with gratuitous photos of varying poor quality, but I’ve been hampered by some bad times that have made my life decidedly emo, so first off I’ll talk about how the diabetes maintenance went.

It didn’t go well, hehe.

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Superman Hospitalised

So, as you can guess, things didn’t improve.

Thankfully, this wasn’t a blaring sirens situation, but his situation got worse.  The pain increased and he’s had trouble moving his right arm.

An ambulance car took him the day before yesterday, leaving me at the house to pace up and down, not knowing whether to follow him or stay here and wait for him to call.  He told me not to bother following an hour after he left, as he was still in traffic due to a road accident, but I spent a few hours with him today.

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Warning: May Cause Nervous Panic In Your Son

So my dad’s not doing too well at the moment.

He’s been in increasing pain of late, with various trips to the doctor leading to a diagnosis of a trapped nerve.  He was put on pain killers as it’s one of those things that should just go away.
But it kept getting worse.
There were problems getting the correct medication, but he is now on cocodomol turbomegapills.
Even though one of the side effects of such stuff is drowsiness, he gave me a bit of a fright today.

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