Reaper vs Rock

Just what the hell is going on?

Seriously now.

In the last few months, members of the rock and metal world have been dropping like flies.

Top left: Ronnie James Dio – died 16/05/10
Top Right: Paul Gray/#2 from Slipknot – died 24/05/10
Bottom Left: Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan from Avenged Sevenfold – died 28/12/09
Bottom Right: Pete Steele from Type O Negative – died 14/04/10

That’s a bit of a pummelling for the world of rock, with iconic figures as well as contemporary future legends.
The latest I just discovered was ex Stereophonics drummer, giant nose and daft hair owner, Stuart Cable.

I didn’t particularly like the guy, not that I knew him, but on the occasions I encountered him as well as various interviews and TV appearances, he didn’t seem particularly likeable.
But I can’t help but feel a little gutted because it’s another known name in the rock world to meet an end way before their time is really up (that goes for Dio too, as he was supposed to be immortal). And another member of a band that have had a considerable impact.  I’ll certainly notice this more here in Wales!

Really beginning to wonder if the Grim Reaper has it in for the rock world.

He’s probably really after Bret Michaels, but the dude just keeps soldiering on.
Perhaps he’s behind it all and it’s all going a bit Highlander.
He needs to keep taking the essence of rockstars to fight his own mortality.

Seriously though, Rest In Peace the lot of you, and Reaper – stop swinging that scythe in music’s direction, please.