To Find A Ghost

I have lost a friend I’ve never met. A friend who I didn’t really know.

At the end of October, a tiny corner of the internet ceased to be.  Nothing but a tiny online forum on the outside, The Forum Whatever was one of the most important things to ever happen to me.  I made friends with people I would never otherwise have known.  I shared with them what I could not share with anyone I would meet with in person. I fell in love. This would not have happened if not for one man’s simple idea. But now it appears to have gone. Because that man has disappeared.

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You Don’t Have To Have A Beard To Play, But It Helps

Me: “What games did you have in mind?”
Him: “Weird nerdy ones that require beards”

So Games Night Saturday proved to be just what I needed.
I knew little of what to expect beyond the above txt conversation.
I found the reply odd considering two of the group would be women…

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