So this is pretty much one of my biggest hates.

Something with so many negatives and so few positives, from the fact it harms not just the smoker but others around the smoker, right down to the base fact it smells foul, I find it baffling that people do it.

The good old “I can stop whenever I want” line is hilarious, as is the fact every single smoker I’ve met that has said “it relaxes me” have been the some of the most stressed-out, snappy people I’ve ever met.

The rush outside for a cigarette break is nothing short of pathetic. It HAS to be done. They can stop when they want but as soon as there’s a break, they have to light up no matter how cold, windy or wet the weather is. By choice, obviously.

Mentioning it to addicted friends is a taboo; replies are either snappy or full of the thin excuses you’ll hear any addict come up with, be it something as foul as heroin or as tame as a drug that causes cancer, heart disease, emphysema – oh wait…
But I’m like that, too. For all my harsh words, I have a friend who smokes, and I’m so worried for her health – but I don’t press her on it because of how angry and upset she will get.

This won’t change because cigarettes are legal. And they’ll stay legal. No matter how much evidence, how much proof is collected that it kills the smoker, that it kills passively, that it can cause impotence (seriously, how can men smoke), etc etc, it will stay legal because all these facts and figures serve is to justify the government raising tax duty on it which will no doubt earn them a pretty penny. But no matter how expensive it becomes, people will still pay because they’re addicted! Despite the pictures pointing out THIS IS HOW YOUR LUNGS WILL LOOK and huge lettering stating SMOKING KILLS, that the packaging is legally forced to declare! “Pack of 100 please” what the fuck, human race?

Freedom of choice, you rage! This wouldn’t be such a load of shit if it was just the smoker it harmed, but it doesn’t. Crack, heroin, LSD, all illegal. Snorting a line of cocaine doesn’t harm anyone passively. If the guy next to you is shooting up you aren’t increasing your chance of dying because of what he’s doing (though you really should find somewhere else to be). But a drug that can give someone who’s never touched the stuff lung cancer… That’s just fine?

I can understand the social aspect, I can understand why kids get drawn into it. But of all the things to do because other people do it, it just baffles me that it’s so accepted and so tolerated. And that the restrictions imposed over the last few years have caused such predictable reactions, that their rights were being attacked because they do something that HARMS OTHER PEOPLE. Ugh.

This blog rant is largely redundant, because there will be very few people that think “perhaps he has a point”. No one will change their mind. They will either generally agree, because Smoking kills. Or they will scoff that I’m just another ranting anti-smoker on a hate campaign to restrict your freedoms. Right on both counts. I hate it. It’s disgusting, and though you have every right to endanger your own life, you have no right to endanger others, you selfish bastards. And have a wash. You fucking stink.


From The Archives: Bringing Up Girls The Hef Way

Taken from my ancient MSN Spaces Account:
My ranting was as high and mighty as it is today!


Ive seen it blogged about before, but following an article in the guardian a few days ago I realized that I had found my new ranting topic.

WHsmith have a wonderful deal selling playboy stationary to kids! Little bunny logo on sparkly pink pencil cases, pens whatever.  Most of us men have spotted pretty ladies wearing the clothing – the girls feel good for the sexual confidence it promotes and projects.  But I’ve also started to notice the girls wearing it getting younger.  Its an incredibly popular brand as it relates to sex.  The stationary sits alongside Bratz, hello kitty and Winnie the Pooh for fucks sake.

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