Students Vs Sweeping Generalisations

I support the student protests.

Dun dun dunnnn!
It’s a statement that will instantly draw so many to make snap judgements of me.
By saying that, many will assume I agree with the trashing of Millbank, that I agree with the anarchists on the roof, the trashing of the police van, and it will mean a number of people will completely dismiss my views.  I’m just another idealist who refuses to live in the real world…

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Where To Put that ‘X’

So here we go.

I’ve watched plenty of TV, read plenty of newspapers, blogs, articles and manifestos.

Tomorrow I will make a decision based on what I have learned.

What have I learned?


  • That to truly know enough about a party’s policies, I should have started reading after the last election.
  • Politicians are desperate, smug, bickering children.
    Not that you don’t all already know this.
    But when I see arguments in the house of parliament, my heart sinks at how pathetic they seem.
  • Nick Clegg is very likeable, but policy > personality, and though I’m tempted, there’s a few things I don’t like.
  • David Cameron surprised me, for all the talk of Clegg’s charisma, the TV debates showed him passionate and confident – take a look how often he looked at his notes.
  • I also learned that David Cameron has met someone for every convenient situation, and seems to repeat himself.  If he rolled his sleeves up every time he said the party will, he’d have severed his arms.
  • As with every general election I can remember, you cannot aim for the best, but for the least worst.

So what the hell am I going to do today?

Environment is an issue I keep coming back to, leading me to consider voting Green. But will that be a wasted vote? I’d like them to get MPs, to have a voice in parliament, but will it just be another bickering voice in the childish, squabbling, one-upsmanship we always see on BBC2

But if not them, who? Each of the main three have policies I… hmm, believe in? But others that I don’t. I don’t trust any of them.

I think from all that I’ve taken in, there’s only three things I’m sure of about the whole debacle:

1) I won’t vote for labour. After the four thousand years they’ve been in charge, they haven’t done enough. they’ve failed this country. People spit hate at them as if they should have saved us from an economic crisis and all the other crap that puts our country in such a state. They couldn’t have. Neither could any other party, and neither will whoever takes over from them. But they should have done better. And nothing I have heard from them has inspired any confidence. Every debate and quote sounds like polish on nothingness. Spiel and sound-bites to gloss over the status quo. Their complete refusal to admit fault to anything means they cannot appear remotely passionate about doing right by the UK. Anyway.

2) It’s going to be a hung parliament. – I’m certain of it. Lib Dems as king-makers. Arguments and lack of action to follow.

3) An argument between Jeremy Paxman and Andrew Neil would be the most amazing argument in the world. ever.

I will vote for someone, if not to say I stand for a party, but that I stand against the BNP. I feel that strongly about it.
I didn’t vote in the European elections. Now our country is represented by racist scum.

So I will have to sleep on it and decide where I put my X. Enjoy standing up and being counted.

Blind Vote

So I’m still pretty undecided as far as to who I will vote for.

I’ve decided that environmental policies are very important to me, but will the Green party offer realistic ideas?

And is voting Green a wasted vote?

A big effect on choice can simply come down to the reputation of the party behind it; Labour have currently fudged things up for the UK, can we really trust the Tories, is there any point voting Green, Lib Dems are always the third choice, BNP are a bunch of c*nts…

So a few websites have their own survey pages who give you policies without the parties attached, only revealing at the end where your opinions lie.

One – Vote for policies not personalities, choose which set of policies you most agree with

Two – Telegraph online, asks if you dis/agree with policy points

And how did mine end up?

Interesting differences there, but the Vote For Policies seemed far more in-depth.
And when it comes down to it, neither site is going to give a spot on representation of the parties involved, so I’m no closer to knowing who I’ll vote for.

It was a nice way to kill ten minutes, though!

Election Fever

So I’m going to vote on Thursday.

Election fever has grabbed the country like never before, largely thanks to three televised debates giving politicians access to an audience that would never normally give a damn.
But let’s not dismiss the fact that more people than ever will want to vote through dissatisfaction with – how do I put this intellectually… everything going tits up.

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