24 Hours To D-Day

So that Hoedown was a lot of fun.  Absolutely what I needed.

I’ll blog about that at a later date, and maybe tease you on this blog with one of the pictures I took, because I was very lucky and took some lovely shots of Cornwall.

This blog, however, is back to the subject of my hospitalised father.  Not that he’s going to be hospitalised for much longer!
Yes, he’s coming home in pretty much 24 hours!

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Warning: May Cause Nervous Panic In Your Son

So my dad’s not doing too well at the moment.

He’s been in increasing pain of late, with various trips to the doctor leading to a diagnosis of a trapped nerve.  He was put on pain killers as it’s one of those things that should just go away.
But it kept getting worse.
There were problems getting the correct medication, but he is now on cocodomol turbomegapills.
Even though one of the side effects of such stuff is drowsiness, he gave me a bit of a fright today.

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