The Big Three-Oh

In a matter of days I pass this landmark of existence. It appears to have crept up on me far quicker than necessary.

With it has come the anticipated, incessant and irritating insistence that I do something big. I understand why, it’s a nice round figure and I’ll only get the chance to celebrate it once, but what makes me grumble is that the concept of doing this without alcohol is so completely alien to people. The other problem is organising it. As you can tell from scanning previous blogs; stuff is a bit harrowing of late. It’s left me far from anywhere remotely ‘up for’ organising a big party.

But I have. Not a big party, but I saw two events on this Saturday that only celebrating my birthday could bring my friends together for. So I’ll be going to see the massive fun that is Plested & Brown, and then going to a rock club. And a meal on Monday. And a gig on Tuesday…
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Toy Story 3 And Not Moshing At Work

So I’ve had a surprisingly fun handful of days.

I actually escaped the house. Twice!
Managed to fit in seeing bands, seeing workmates, finding tiny amphibians, going to the cinema and experiencing two men simulate sex up against my leg. What more could someone want from a weekend?

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So I had a much more productive day yesterday.

I got up earlier, I kept my blood sugars at a decent level, I tackled the lawns, picked up my prescriptions and actually remembered to put the rubbish out in time for it to be taken away.

But best of all, I made considerable progress with the short story.

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So today’s good feeling was a result of:

  • Motivation – a rare commodity for me
  • Attacking the garden and making progress
    (brambles wasps and too many biting bugs beat me into retreat, but I’ll be back, and I’ll be bringing a f*cking hedge trimmer with me!)
  • General tidying/chores/etc
  • Not getting a hypo despite all the exertion
  • Reviewing bad music
  • Reviewing very good music
  • This causing much facebook commentage
  • This being the result of the above
  • Being asked to read a friend’s fiction and give feedback

Productive day.
More like this, please?