Arrived in the post today. It’s a child’s medical I.D, hehe, but everything else was ludicrously expensive and impractical.

The strap’s a bit small, but it’s wide enough, it’s sturdy and stays in place. The back has more specific details (types of insulin, penecillin allergy, and some contact numbers).

Now I can feel a little more confident that If my blood sugars go haywire at Glasto, they won’t just think I’m pissed!




Following on from my post about Glastonbury, I’ve got a little more confident.

Talks with Diabetes nurses and hours spent searching forums have only strengthened what I already thought, and filled in the odd blank for me, too.

Today I had this pop through the letterbox *

The idea is to keep insulin chilled, and in the case of Glasto, I can keep it from getting too warm as I carry it around with me.
It’s a pretty funky idea. You dip the inner pocket in cold water for 5-10 minutes, towel it dry, leave it another 10 minutes and the gel has absorbed all the water, and it keeps it cold inside.  Put your insulin pen inside and then all of it inside the outer pocket and I can carry it next to me and get sweaty in the moshpit without the insulin degrading.  I hope.

I also wanted a medical bracelet.  I have an ID card in my wallet, but that’s not visible enough.  If I get a bad hypo, there’s a chance I’ll automatically be deemed just another drunk to be ignored.  More so at Reading than Glasto, mind, as I’ll probable be the only one there – punter and steward alike – not inebriated.  My nurse put me onto a good site, but bloody hell it’s expensive, and all a bit classy for me to use at a festival.  The non-jewellery styled bracelets – the leather ones – looked really flimsy, I wanted something velcro and comfortable.  Then I spotted what I needed…

Yes, this is the ‘Fun & Fab Kids Medical ID’ available in such styles as Football, Outer Space and Butterflies.  Thankfully, There’s also a ‘Sports Blue’, so that’s what I’ve gone for.  Hope it doesn’t look too silly, as though the cheapest thing on the site, it still cost an arm and a leg after VAT and p&p!

I definitely appear to be requiring less insulin of late.  Though I do wish there wasn’t that teeny voice at the back of my head saying “Maybe my pancreas is trying to work properly again?” what a dream.  Whatever, I HAD CHEEZCAKE and didn’t die.  A weight-watchers thing, but after so long with nothing sweeter than sultanas it was a toffeetastic treat.

* But not before I had become one of ‘those’ customers.  I ordered it on Friday but had no email confirmation.  So I rang today, unsure of whether it had gone through.  the guy asked me what day I ordered it on and I drew a complete blank. Friday? He took some details but clearly could only search by order number or date. So he asked me to ring back in ten minutes so he could sift through the few hundred orders.
Five minutes later, it popped through the letterbox.