To Find A Ghost

I have lost a friend I’ve never met. A friend who I didn’t really know.

At the end of October, a tiny corner of the internet ceased to be.  Nothing but a tiny online forum on the outside, The Forum Whatever was one of the most important things to ever happen to me.  I made friends with people I would never otherwise have known.  I shared with them what I could not share with anyone I would meet with in person. I fell in love. This would not have happened if not for one man’s simple idea. But now it appears to have gone. Because that man has disappeared.

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Music for The Unwinding Hours

Not as much progress as I would have liked today, but I’ve kept busy. Still motivated, still positive.

Any attempts at an insightful blog have been thrown out the window, however, as mere moments after I began this blog, I discovered The Unwinding Hours, Craig B and Ian Cook of now defunct Aereogramme.   It’s utterly overtaken me, one of those albums that reminds you just how wonderful music really is.  Craig has one of the most beautiful voices you will ever hear.  It doesn’t have a wide range, but it has a unique power to it; it’s fragile, but it has this strength that bores inside of you to leave you vulnerable.  The album is a heart-wrencher from start to finish.  The music is often gentle but never simply in the background, and when you least expect it, it explodes to life. The lyrics are something else.

As a reviewer I should be able to explain this in a better way, but it’s still dropping my jaw.  It’s heartwarming and heartbreaking in equal measure and I wish that there was better material on Youtube that I could embed here.
If you have spotify, find them and give them a listen, or click the picture for their Myspace.
You will not regret it.
It’s the most beautiful thing to happen this year.

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