So today has been frustrating to say the least. Thanks, NHS.

Dad had to go back to Heath Hospital. Not for anything serious, but he had to be assessed by the doctor for the next month’s treatment; to reduce/increase/add to his prescribed medication and to administer a treatment to strengthen his bones.  This infusion was meant to last 20 minutes.  In all, though we were anticipating a wait, we thought we’d be in there two hours max.

Try six.

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Reasons Not To Be An Idiot

So I’m pretty pissed off with my behaviour today.

We took dad back to hospital today to get checked out.  Most days he wakes up groggy and suffers from tremors (the shakes), but the last two days they have been much worse and he was concerned.  He was fine. I, however, am not…

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Think Positive

There hasn’t been much in the way of bloggage, but other things have got in the way over the last month, and I was reluctant to write about it, because the last thing this world needs is another blogger moping about the woes of his life.  Moreover, as these problems have taken over my waking and sleeping hours, dwelling on it further is a stress I don’t need.

I am, however, currently in a bout of the more positive side of this bipolar bear of a life I’ve been living for the last five weeks, so I’m going to put some of it down here.

As the three many of you that read this with any regularly know, my father is in hospital. Still.
It’s been over a month now, and we still don’t actually have a confirmation of what is wrong with him.
It’s been one of the toughest periods of my life, I’m stressed and utterly exhausted.
Yeah, this is going to be one of those blogs…

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