From The Archives: Terrorism

From my ancient MSN Spaces blog, the day of the London bombings:
It was not a good day.


Theres been some horrific set of explosions on the london underground.  They dont know much and the initial suggestions are that there were power surges causing explosions but theres talk of a top floor of a bus blowing up.  I would write more but the most important person in the world to me is in london today and i cant get hold of her 😦 i really really hope im being silly.
Tears of relief and anger.
Death tolls not coming in yet but its terrorism alright.
Hannah is okay, i searched the net and found the number for her work, got the number of where she was doing the training and they went and got her for me, rather unmanly i burst into tears the second i heard her voice.  She was a few stops before anywhere that would have put her in this and had only just heard about what had happenned while i spent half an hour shouting at my phone for not being able to connect (all the networks are getting overloaded) and some poor telesales guy got shouted at when he rang.  But shes okay, i also cant get hold of terry, hes in croydon so hopefully not affected, i hope hes not chosen this day to go in to london in fact i9 just got hold of him and hes safe so good.
My fears must seem rediculous to those affected, and for anyone else in or around london or who has friends or relatives there i wish you all the best and dearly hope no one has to have their lives wrecked by these fanatic terrorist bastards. Ive only had the slightest link to it and i was terrified, i cant possibly imagine what anyone closer linked must be feeling right now and wish you all possible strength.

Scene of bus explosion

Blair just made a statement, was a bit worried hed appear to overdo it with his wierd pauses, but he handled himself well, his eyes had that horrible look of someone fighting despair. “its just one thing after another” they seemed to say.  But he came across as a leader, hes leaving the G8 to go to london and return to gleneagles later, hes insisted the meetings go on in his absence.
I was going to add to my blog from yesterday regarding the G8, olympic news and G8 protests that i havent watched the news so much since 9/11, now today takes that title for tragically similar reasons.

Tony Blair flanked by George Bush and Jacques Chirac

Ive just seen Ken livingstones statement
in any other world id have thought it the dialogue from some shmaltzy hollywood blockbuster.  But im in floods of tears. Absolutely fantastic show of strength, none of the despair that was subtly hidden in the eyes of blair and bush, the dialogue may have been clichéd, but it had strength behind it and is just the kind of thing the people of london must need now.  i remember years ago i went on a school trip to london where he was just beginning his campaign for mayor of london.  He was on a purple bus going through trafalgar and i screamed for no apparent reason “I LOVE YOU KEN!” just because at around 17 i thought itd be funny.  id do it again now 🙂

Livingstone: Defiant



From The Archives: G 8 my face – Fighting the powers that be?

This is from my ancient MSN Spaces blog:
Oh its on now
The march started off rather peacefully, but slightly muted.  My guess is that the group of protesters stopping traffic shot themselves in the foot, perhaps their intention was to get these people blaming the police for cancelling the march (obviously which has been reversed) and to get them angry. maybe they thought by blocking the min road to gleneagles they could stop all the politicians coming in by helicopter *rolls eyes*
But as to be expected really – the protesters breached the agreed route.  A few hours ago they marched across a field to a closer and more heavily defended barricade a mile from Gleneagles.  And a few moments ago things started to look a little scary as objects began to be hurled over at the police.  A squad of riot police came through the barricades and dispersed some of the crowd as things got rowdier and many backed off, but as i type the second of two chinooks has arrived packing out a squad of fully armoured riot police and it looks like a standoff is beginning.  and we all know what that means.  Objects are already on their way towards police and a fires just been lit.  Peace man, fight The Man. pfff.

Police officers flown in by Chinook

In auchterader itself, there appears to be some kind of standoff. this is possibly more alarming.  Its a small town, and i think the name means long road or something, highlighting the fact most of it is well, you get it.  So riot police are scrambling about building the roman style phalanxes and dismantling fences to make room for the police wall.  The field nearer Gleneagles could get nasty, but the protesters in the town are feeling castrated not getting to gleneagles and theres high likelyhood that their frustration will be taken out on the town itslef.  Not good. or big or clever.
update 17.50
The police appear to have done well, theyve created a wall and moved them back towards the road and original allocated area of the route.  Theyve been relatively reserved, thereve been a few charges but mostly its careful moving forwards in a pincer movement.  They have mounted police on the protesters side to use probably more for psychological tactics, the sight of the thirteen or so horses galloping towards them is more likely to get some of the less militant hard-liners moving away before their riders need to do anything.
Police and protesters clash
And blair, so far, i have to say has been handling himself very well.  Hes expressed annoyance that htey have had to be penned into Gleneagles, he would have much rather stayed in Edinborough itself, but knew that there would be too many hard line trouble makers who would rather disrupt everything cause damage and generally bring any chance of doing something for the poor to a standstill.  He appeared quite early on alongside Geldof Bono and Richard Curtis making statements and answering a few statements, Geldofs speech was quite good, but think would have made more impact if he could meet the PM’s eyes.  there was also a black woman present, obviously of some importance, but i did not know who she was and ironically considering Geldof’s last efforts for africa, didnt get to say anything.  Blair hid his discomfort well and appeared quite honest and realistic in his comments, actually mentioning the importance of climate cahnge (thank you) being hand in hand. I believe he will do what he can for the poverty question – not that it will ever go near peoples expectations or respect.

From The Archives: G Ate My Face

From my ancient MSN Spaces blog:


So the official march at the opening of the summit has been cancelled by police.  Itll ruffle feathers but they’re right to.  The pathetic displays of fight starters and troublemakers – sorry, anarchists, sorry, hard-line protesters, sorry, twats.  There have already been outcries of police brutality. How dare they react with force to having concrete blocks and bottles thrown at them! How dare they defend themselves and have such nerve as to want to quell those that want nothing more than to burn riot vans and hurt workers who don’t have the options to work in places other than burger king.

I cannot truly convey my disgust at these anarchist fools.  I loathe capitalism, I hate the fact that we cannot survive without it and despise money for the fact it is money that owns us no matter what we may think.  There may be some question as to whether the peaceful protesters can do anything.  But there is no question that the anarchists are ruining it for everyone.  Many, many of this extreme minority simply want somewhere to vent their human frustrations and aggression.  I don’t like burger king; in fact anyone that knows me knows my views on fast food chains – but what point is there to destroy outlets?  It won’t stop them.  The corporations and bastards that run the companies are the ones that need to be faced.  If you wreck an outlet all you’re going to do is put the people that work there out of pocket for a day – people who may not have the ability to work elsewhere.

Protesters have done wonderful things, attacking police vans simply to get a reaction so they can claim heavy handed tactics, other inspiring actions for the good of the world included wrecking smashing residents cars and of course they’re so dedicated, so unafraid to show authority how much their cause means to them they have to cover their faces like cowards/terrorists/ninjas – no not ninjas, they have honour, and subtlety.

And as I write this I have just read reports that the police have reversed this ruling and allowing the march.  Much as my heart is glad for those who made the march with the intentions of making a difference peacefully, marching to show their support for change in poverty stricken countries without the need to destroy places people work and starting fights with policemen.

Sadly, my head tells me that for all those many people who will be on that march with peace in mind will be looked over by the inevitable morons that will taunt and attack the police, until the police chose to try and detain them, violence will ensue, non-violent protesters will get hurt, and ultimately peace protesters will play right into the anarchists hands as all blame will come down on the police.  Its a shame but much as i want this march to go ahead, I think its too risky for peoples safety.  Buildings will be damaged, children will get hurt, and the police will be the ones who will be accused, they didn’t deal with the vastly outnumbering and organized anarchists, and we are all ready to accuse the police for not being able to deal with that which they could not possibly deal with totally.  They could only make a small difference for the good of the larger majority and get no acknowledgement or satisfaction at what good they have done for others… or am I now talking about the peace protests.