So today has been frustrating to say the least. Thanks, NHS.

Dad had to go back to Heath Hospital. Not for anything serious, but he had to be assessed by the doctor for the next month’s treatment; to reduce/increase/add to his prescribed medication and to administer a treatment to strengthen his bones.  This infusion was meant to last 20 minutes.  In all, though we were anticipating a wait, we thought we’d be in there two hours max.

Try six.

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Hoedown Break

So I’m on a train heading out of the glamorous bristol temple meads for what people are telling me is a well-deserved break.

Things are improving for my dad, he may well be home by the end of the month.
That’s not to say the hard times are over; he has a new course of drugs to take and at least two months of tummy injections (that, at least, I can empathise with), and I’ll need to be around to help him as he’s lost so much mobility.
It won’t be easy, but at least he’s coming home.

Anyway! This isn’t about that, it’s about the HOEDOWN!

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