The Rarest News Of All

They’re out!

Oddly, yesterday reminded me of 9/11.

All those years ago, I – and a couple of close friends – sat and watched in near silence as the world changed.  There had been no point since then that I have been glued to the news.
But ’10/13′ (even though I’m British so I’d say 13/10. ahem) was a day that saw me – and many others around the planet – glued to the news.  Awestruck.  In tears.
But – for once – with good reason.

Lives saved. On national television.  The news, no less – the home of tragedy, misery and unveiled lies. But for one day, the news was overtaken by such rare sentiments as hope, love, loyalty.  Bravery that didn’t land the hero in hospital, prison or a coffin.  Heroism.  Families reunited, not torn apart.

I equate it to that most horrible of dates, because no day since then has seemed so unbelievable.

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Wow.  There’s good news.

I don’t watch the news. It’s depressing, despair-cultivating garbage where ratings take precedence over reporting.  But right now I’m glued to it.  Not satisfied with turning my head from the PC to the TV, I’ve got the live feed on the screen alongside this window.  I’m of course watching the Chilean miners being rescued.  I hope you are, too.

This wasn’t what I was supposed to be blogging about, though.
There was good news here, too, you see.  Yesterday, we lost the zimmer.

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