Hypos And Heroes

So a new hypo symptom seems to have manifested itself.

Of the many things that happen when my blood sugar is too low, the most common is that I get the shakes.  I can also start sweating – this is a particular bastard of a symptom as it can manifest in the less problematic opening of pores in a small circle at the point where the hair starts on my forehead, or it can open seemingly every single pore on my body and put the tap to full. It’s gross and will often strike when I am furthest from a bathroom or anti-perspirant. Thanks pancreas, thanks a lot.

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You Don’t Have To Have A Beard To Play, But It Helps

Me: “What games did you have in mind?”
Him: “Weird nerdy ones that require beards”

So Games Night Saturday proved to be just what I needed.
I knew little of what to expect beyond the above txt conversation.
I found the reply odd considering two of the group would be women…

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