One Year After Diagnosis

One year ago today, it was confirmed that I had Type One Diabetes.

The time between then and now has passed far faster than normal, which is a pleasing silver lining.  I’m sure I have learnt a lot in that time; certainly – considering the other traumatic events of 2010 – I have learnt more about myself than any other year.  But at the same time, I don’t feel I have progressed enough.  I don’t feel I have as much control over it as I should.  I know Diabetics don’t get a total grip over their condition in a year, and considering the serious distractions that come with a loved one’s serious illness being more than an ample distraction, I still feel I should have done more.  But it still feels like only a few months ago that it was confirmed.  In contrast, the day of diagnosis itself was a very long one.

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So this is a big topic for me.
This post will likely change and be added to, I doubt I’ll get it all done in one go.

I have never been a man who has a lot of “I want to be”s.
I wasn’t a child who wanted to be an astronaut one day, a fireman the next, then a builder, policeman, commando or ninja.
There’s only ever been one life goal.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to write.

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