The Size Of An Ocean

So last night I saw Oceansize.

This is (I think) the ninth time I have seen them live, and I’ll keep seeing them live whenever I can.
Truly one of the UK’s finest bands.

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So much to my utter dismay, yesterday I found out that Telegraphs – one of my favourite bands – have split up.

Telegraphs were the newest, youngest band to join the list of bands with a place inside my heart.  They are also the first band to give me a little ‘claim to fame’, something I was pretty moved by.  Gutted does not even begin to describe it.

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He’s Going The Distance

So I listened to Cake today for the first time in a long time.  Years, in fact.

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Toy Story 3 And Not Moshing At Work

So I’ve had a surprisingly fun handful of days.

I actually escaped the house. Twice!
Managed to fit in seeing bands, seeing workmates, finding tiny amphibians, going to the cinema and experiencing two men simulate sex up against my leg. What more could someone want from a weekend?

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Oscar Acceptance Speech

Oceansize‘s fourth album came out yesterday. It’s excellent despite being their weakest.
See them live whenever you can, what I liked on album blew my mind live. They played in Cardiff Barfly and made it sound like a stadium.
I like this song so much I want to spread the beauty and luckily one Youtube naughty person has helped me 😀

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On A Lighter Note

So I escaped to the Cinema last night.

aaaawwww yeaaah.

The Expendables is an awful film. I enjoyed it massively

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For Your Ears

Having held back on massive musical splurges with the intention of starting a Music Blog, I recently realised I haven’t started one… so here’s a restrained burst of excitement about some music I think you should hear.


Everyone likes free stuff, isn’t it even better when that free stuff is great?!

The Age Of Rockets have made their second album, Hannah, available for free.

Get on it – or just click and listen to it here

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Glastonbury 2010 – Part 4

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

So, Glastonbury was his much fun!

This is my main dude, Terry, looking all probably fashionable in a beanie (seriously? it’s like 300C out there?!)

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Glastonbury 2010 – Part 3

Part One. Part Two.


To my favourite part(s) of the festival.  Shangri-la/Arcadia.
I include The Common/Block 9/The Unfair Ground in this, but I didn’t make enough time to explore these properly.

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Glastonbury 2010 – Part 2

Part One

So there’s music at Glastonbury, right?

Indeed there is.  I thought – being largely obsessed with music – that it would be the main highlight of the weekend, but there were simply too many memorable things aside from the Music to be able to pin down a ‘favourite side’ to the festival.

Nevertheless, Frank Turner was there, so he had to be seen.

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