You Win Or You Die

So I’m a bit late to the party, but I don’t care.

I just finished reading this.

Yes, it’s a result of watching the TV series. Hold that against me if you want.
The televised series has been one of the finest to be made, thanks HBO. Personally, I’ve been waiting for television to take fantasy seriously my entire life (thanks, Peter Jackson), and – source material aside – they nailed it. This won’t be so much a book review as it will be comparing it to the series, and an argument to why picking one or the other just isn’t enough. You need both of these in your life. Read more of this post


Tron: Legacy

So I escaped the snow today to venture into Cardiff.
Worth it.

I’ve been excited about Tron:Legacy for a while now.  Though not a big fan of the original, it was certainly a film that had an impact on me as a child; enough to get hairs tingling on the back of my neck when the original theme eased through the opening sequence, thanks to Daft Punk’s excellent handling of soundtrack duties.

In short, it was fantastic. I enjoyed it immensely.  But while this verdict is nice and glossy, it provides very little in the way of explanation.  Much like the film.
It’s a great film.  But, much like Avatar, that’s not to say it’s a good film.

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Students Vs Sweeping Generalisations

I support the student protests.

Dun dun dunnnn!
It’s a statement that will instantly draw so many to make snap judgements of me.
By saying that, many will assume I agree with the trashing of Millbank, that I agree with the anarchists on the roof, the trashing of the police van, and it will mean a number of people will completely dismiss my views.  I’m just another idealist who refuses to live in the real world…

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The Human Phillipede

So I went to see it…

Oh dear.

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Sick Has Been Twisted

That’s totally sick.

Ew. Or not.  I found myself saying something similar for the first time the other day. I instantly felt uncomfortable.
Words often change meaning; ‘wicked’ being a prime example, but this latest one (latest meaning it’s been in use for a years but I’ve only just noticed it being used here) just doesn’t seem to make any sense, dammit.
“That gig was sick!”.

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The Size Of An Ocean

So last night I saw Oceansize.

This is (I think) the ninth time I have seen them live, and I’ll keep seeing them live whenever I can.
Truly one of the UK’s finest bands.

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So much to my utter dismay, yesterday I found out that Telegraphs – one of my favourite bands – have split up.

Telegraphs were the newest, youngest band to join the list of bands with a place inside my heart.  They are also the first band to give me a little ‘claim to fame’, something I was pretty moved by.  Gutted does not even begin to describe it.

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He’s Going The Distance

So I listened to Cake today for the first time in a long time.  Years, in fact.

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Toy Story 3 And Not Moshing At Work

So I’ve had a surprisingly fun handful of days.

I actually escaped the house. Twice!
Managed to fit in seeing bands, seeing workmates, finding tiny amphibians, going to the cinema and experiencing two men simulate sex up against my leg. What more could someone want from a weekend?

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Oscar Acceptance Speech

Oceansize‘s fourth album came out yesterday. It’s excellent despite being their weakest.
See them live whenever you can, what I liked on album blew my mind live. They played in Cardiff Barfly and made it sound like a stadium.
I like this song so much I want to spread the beauty and luckily one Youtube naughty person has helped me 😀

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