I don’t know if any of you UK-ers have noticed, but it’s snowing.

Rather disappointingly though, this is the first year where it has genuinely put a damper on things for me.  I have joined the ranks of those who can only moan and grumble about it.
This displeases me.
Because I adore snow.

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The Size Of An Ocean

So last night I saw Oceansize.

This is (I think) the ninth time I have seen them live, and I’ll keep seeing them live whenever I can.
Truly one of the UK’s finest bands.

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Glastonbury 2010 – Part 4

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

So, Glastonbury was his much fun!

This is my main dude, Terry, looking all probably fashionable in a beanie (seriously? it’s like 300C out there?!)

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Glastonbury 2010 – Part 3

Part One. Part Two.


To my favourite part(s) of the festival.  Shangri-la/Arcadia.
I include The Common/Block 9/The Unfair Ground in this, but I didn’t make enough time to explore these properly.

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Glastonbury 2010 – Part 2

Part One

So there’s music at Glastonbury, right?

Indeed there is.  I thought – being largely obsessed with music – that it would be the main highlight of the weekend, but there were simply too many memorable things aside from the Music to be able to pin down a ‘favourite side’ to the festival.

Nevertheless, Frank Turner was there, so he had to be seen.

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Glastonbury 2010

Okay then.


Despite being a little tired of the reverence and awe in which people hold Glastonbury Festival,
it turns out they’re absolutely right.
Some of the best days of my life to date.

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Arrived in the post today. It’s a child’s medical I.D, hehe, but everything else was ludicrously expensive and impractical.

The strap’s a bit small, but it’s wide enough, it’s sturdy and stays in place. The back has more specific details (types of insulin, penecillin allergy, and some contact numbers).

Now I can feel a little more confident that If my blood sugars go haywire at Glasto, they won’t just think I’m pissed!



So it probably rained