Running From One Year To The Next, Screaming.

So it’s 2012 already. How did that happen? It seems to be mostly a blur; shell-shock from what came before, perhaps? But it had ups as well as downs this time, rather than downs and ohmygodno’s. Eager as I was to leave 2010 behind, escaping its shadow was never going to be that simple. So what do I have to say for 2011? Well, as far as snappy blogs go… er… yeah get a cup of tea in.

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One Year After Diagnosis

One year ago today, it was confirmed that I had Type One Diabetes.

The time between then and now has passed far faster than normal, which is a pleasing silver lining.  I’m sure I have learnt a lot in that time; certainly – considering the other traumatic events of 2010 – I have learnt more about myself than any other year.  But at the same time, I don’t feel I have progressed enough.  I don’t feel I have as much control over it as I should.  I know Diabetics don’t get a total grip over their condition in a year, and considering the serious distractions that come with a loved one’s serious illness being more than an ample distraction, I still feel I should have done more.  But it still feels like only a few months ago that it was confirmed.  In contrast, the day of diagnosis itself was a very long one.

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Dear 2010

Dear 2010,

I feel it is only right to send you this letter, we’ve not met face to face, and this will be the last time I have any interaction with you.  I think you will understand that I am very comfortable with this fact, as – to say the least – we have not got along.

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To Find A Ghost

I have lost a friend I’ve never met. A friend who I didn’t really know.

At the end of October, a tiny corner of the internet ceased to be.  Nothing but a tiny online forum on the outside, The Forum Whatever was one of the most important things to ever happen to me.  I made friends with people I would never otherwise have known.  I shared with them what I could not share with anyone I would meet with in person. I fell in love. This would not have happened if not for one man’s simple idea. But now it appears to have gone. Because that man has disappeared.

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The Big Three-Oh

In a matter of days I pass this landmark of existence. It appears to have crept up on me far quicker than necessary.

With it has come the anticipated, incessant and irritating insistence that I do something big. I understand why, it’s a nice round figure and I’ll only get the chance to celebrate it once, but what makes me grumble is that the concept of doing this without alcohol is so completely alien to people. The other problem is organising it. As you can tell from scanning previous blogs; stuff is a bit harrowing of late. It’s left me far from anywhere remotely ‘up for’ organising a big party.

But I have. Not a big party, but I saw two events on this Saturday that only celebrating my birthday could bring my friends together for. So I’ll be going to see the massive fun that is Plested & Brown, and then going to a rock club. And a meal on Monday. And a gig on Tuesday…
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The Size Of An Ocean

So last night I saw Oceansize.

This is (I think) the ninth time I have seen them live, and I’ll keep seeing them live whenever I can.
Truly one of the UK’s finest bands.

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Blood Sugar Roller-Coaster

I don’t think I’ll ever get my head round this whole diabetes thing.

Reasons Not To Be An Idiot

So I’m pretty pissed off with my behaviour today.

We took dad back to hospital today to get checked out.  Most days he wakes up groggy and suffers from tremors (the shakes), but the last two days they have been much worse and he was concerned.  He was fine. I, however, am not…

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We all like a drink, don’t we?
I do. But the thing is, that drink isn’t always booze.
To be honest, I’m happy with pepsi max: maximum cola taste, no vomiting.

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Warning: May Cause Nervous Panic In Your Son

So my dad’s not doing too well at the moment.

He’s been in increasing pain of late, with various trips to the doctor leading to a diagnosis of a trapped nerve.  He was put on pain killers as it’s one of those things that should just go away.
But it kept getting worse.
There were problems getting the correct medication, but he is now on cocodomol turbomegapills.
Even though one of the side effects of such stuff is drowsiness, he gave me a bit of a fright today.

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