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Music is a massive part of my life, I’ve always enjoyed it, and a few years after I left uni, someone suggested I start writing for webzines.  I didn’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me before, but soon enough I was part of the Rocklouder team, and shortly after that joined

What first set me on my way was hearing Metallica when I was about thirteen – And Justice For All.  From there I became one of the many kids who’s blinkered ‘likes’ included Metallica, Nirvana, Pantera and asides the occasional metal or grunge act, everyone else was rubbish.

I started branching out thanks to a group of friends who introduced me to Counting Crows, and though they seem to have become a disappointment, anyone who hasn’t heard August And Everything After is truly missing out.

Despite the effect these bands have had on my life, my impact band – that band that really mean something to you, that become a defining part of your growing up – is Million Dead.  Normally these important bands are discovered in your teenage years, but I was in my 20s when I found A Song To Ruin. It wasn’t even an instant thing, it was just a gradual realisation that I could not stop listening to it, and that there was no one else like them.
Like all beloved bands, they have to come to an end. But when frontman Frank Turner began a solo career, never in a million  years could I have dreamed how far he would go.  Only a few years ago I watched him in the corner of a pub without a stage playing to a handful of people. Last year I saw him play two sets at Reading Festival to adoring fans who had the same fanatic look in their eye as I did.  People no longer say “who?” when I talk about him. The last time I saw him I met two friends who epitomise the appeal the man’s music has. They had travelled from the other side of England, one has just turned sixteen, the other was her father, who has just turned sixty.  In June 2010, he will open for Green Day at Wembley Stadium.

The range of bands I enjoy is quite wide these days.
Though my heart belongs to heavier music, I have a soft spot for female singer-songwriters, in particular Julia Nunes and Jenny Owen Youngs.  And another soft spot is for Welsh bands. Not through national pride, but because we continually spit out quality bands – to the point i wonder if I’m the only person in South Wales not in a decent band.

A good indicator of my tastes is the trusty chart.

Top Artists    –    Top Songs

Yeah, that’ll do for now.


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