Hypos And Heroes

So a new hypo symptom seems to have manifested itself.

Of the many things that happen when my blood sugar is too low, the most common is that I get the shakes.  I can also start sweating – this is a particular bastard of a symptom as it can manifest in the less problematic opening of pores in a small circle at the point where the hair starts on my forehead, or it can open seemingly every single pore on my body and put the tap to full. It’s gross and will often strike when I am furthest from a bathroom or anti-perspirant. Thanks pancreas, thanks a lot.

But recently I’ve been getting the tingling tongue symptom.  My diabetes nurse told me that some people suffer a tingling lip, but on a few occasions now, my tongue has started to tingle when my bloods have dropped.  It’s like when you get shitty tea from a vending machine, that kind that burns your tongue and feels like you can feel every single taste-bud on your tongue flaring up.  I probably prefer it to the aforementioned floodgate embarrasymptom, but it’s not a nice sensation, as any food you’re having (and as it’s a hypo symptom, you have to have something) tastes and feels weird.  And you know, a hypo can be a fun time for a diabetic.  Sure, it means their blood sugar is whisking them towards a potential ambulance trip and coma… but that aside, it’s a rare occasion where yoo cans has chocolate dammit!  Don’t take that away from me, tongue! Don’t collude with my pancreas against me, he’s a slacker.  If you do you’ll miss out on the sugary delights of chocolate anti-hypo treats!


Anyway, despite the moaning, I’m blogging in a relatively chipper mood for once!

I’ve been in a bit of a dark place, something I mentioned in the previous blog and will doubtless mention again as blogs are such wonderful ways to vent your feelings when you are down!
But the last few days have seen far less staring into nothing feeling like an empty shell! HUZZAH! And far more action.  I killed giants and found treasure!

That was Games Day #2, and it was a success.  My nerdiness is being treated, this time thanks to a board game called Descent.  Essentially, it’s a more complex Heroquest, only it’s far more in-depth, more difficult and requires more beard.  So. Much. Fun.  More, please.

In fact, Games Day 2.1 is happening today, as a friend is coming round for some card nerdage.
Well, if I am going to not be working…


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