For Your Ears

Having held back on massive musical splurges with the intention of starting a Music Blog, I recently realised I haven’t started one… so here’s a restrained burst of excitement about some music I think you should hear.


Everyone likes free stuff, isn’t it even better when that free stuff is great?!

The Age Of Rockets have made their second album, Hannah, available for free.

Get on it – or just click and listen to it here

Yes, it’s good isn’t it. (not a question)

For those of you (like me) gutted/annoyed that The Postal Service didn’t keep making albums, this more than compensates.  To be honest though, good as the likes of ‘Such Great Heights’ are, this band surpassed my love for their gentle electro-folk feathercore (that’s not a real genre, but I wouldn’t be surprised).

I first checked them out through Jenny Owen Youngs and the host of acts I’ve discovered thanks to the ‘SUNY Purchase connection‘.  Andrew Futral is an excellent writer and producer, and helped craft a friend of mine’s album together.  Hope you enjoy.

More towards the shouty stuff I love so much, this is the new video from Pulled Apart By Horses and it’s excellent.

They’re a fantastic live band, and as I type this, listening to their album, I’ve just got a txt from a mate at Reading telling me he’s waiting to see them after hearing good things 😀

Like their quirky noise or not, there’s no denying that they deserve some credit for the best song name in the world, they have a song called ‘I Punched A Lion In The Throat’


Have a good day.


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