Glastonbury 2010

Okay then.


Despite being a little tired of the reverence and awe in which people hold Glastonbury Festival,
it turns out they’re absolutely right.
Some of the best days of my life to date.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, we managed to get there really easily.
Wake up at 04.30. Leave 05.30.
My ride was courtesy of Trinnie, we met up with Matt and Nic at a service station at 6, then made the last leg expecting hour long queues, only to get to the site, park and get in the gates without having to wait for a single person.

Turned out that this was probably due to the fact people are not only setting off earlier each year, but this year’s extra factor was the England game.

According to Glasto’s twitter, by the time we arrived, over 120,000 of the 177,000-odd were already there!  We were quite far away – far enough away that our tents weren’t on the big poster sold with Q [/sadface]. Nevertheless we found ourselves a decent spot with loads of space for our three tents, and we got them set up quickly.  Instantly I was aware of the diversity of the self-contained populance, our nearby neighbours included a bunch of 30-something booze-swilling lads, some quiet, hippy-ish students, some raucous, booze-addled students and a group of posh schoolteachers in their mid-fifties.

Photobucket Photobucket

Next up was getting some BBQnoms in, Matt got to it.

Stomachs settled, we headed out to take in the surroundings.  From what people had said I knew to expect it to be big, but walking around for an hour it dawns on you just how vast the place is.  Two giganto-stages; the Pyramid and Other stages, large tents like The John Peel stage, numerous dance tents and even more smaller areas from bandstands to simple staging for circus acts, not to mention the sprawling artwork/cities like Shangri-La and campsites for thousands spread over rolling hills.  It’s as beautiful as it is daunting to witness.

Renowned for it’s green nature, large portions of the festival site consist of areas such as The Green Futures, Healing and Green Crafts fields, not to mention Greenpeace’s own area.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

At the far South of the site was the lounging area and Tipi park.  An expanse of grass on a hill that led to phenomenal views of the area.

Photobucket Photobucket

Next to this was the ‘Sacred Ground’, complete with stone circle and dragon statue.


The circus area looked fantastic, with a number of stages and tents, plus a rigging for aerial work that was VERY high up.  (sadly, only caught one act on it).

There was just so much to see, and there’s doubtless another three days-worth of stuff that I didn’t even spot.

You’re prepared for a lot of people, but still end up thinking, “Jesus Christ that’s a lot of people!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The food here was – compared to Reading festival – amazing.  A real diversity, and most seemed far less ‘meat of dubious quality’.  This certainly helped with the diabetes!
Even the longdrops and portaloos weren’t as bad as I had expected. (though that’s not to be confused as them not being horrendous!)
I had a cunning tactic for dealing with the loos.  I had recently purchased a pair of safety goggles and they came with a dustguard facemask.
SO. When nature called, I donned the mask and placed a piece of chewing gum inside it, and it worked really well.
It was still pretty potent at times, but it was much more bearable.
Plus, when you left the cubicle with the facemask on, there was always someone nervous about using them you could make even more nervous 😀

Wow, I appear to be ending my first Glastonbury blog with a story about toilets.

Should I be concerned about this?

Don’t worry, the next one’s all about the bands I saw.
Hope you enjoy it!


5 Responses to Glastonbury 2010

  1. Flix says:

    Have you seen the ones of Glasto on The Big Picture? I was gonna link ’em, but you were way ahead of me in clicking stakes 😛

    • Suffice says:

      I have, they were excellent. Made me jealous because of
      a) better photo skills
      b) I saw stuff that I had no idea was there, like the motorbike ‘wall of death’ bit 😥

  2. teacherface says:

    Permission to steal…used your Glastonbury flags picture as my wallpaper…

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