So it’s not going to plan IT’S NOT GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN!

Bah. I’ve never been one who could command himself to write, but I had hoped to be half way through the short story by now, even factoring in the rust!  Alas, I’m still not far from the start.

Distractions abound, that pesky internet being the main culprit.  But at least the one good thing to come from the conclusion of all good television ever that’s currently underway is that there’s no shows to distract me.  Seriously, it’s just Glee and the thoroughly awesome Battlestar Galactica 2 Stargate Universe. And they’ll be finished soon, too!  But this dilemma is for another blog, probably as tomorrow or Thursday’s distraction…

I think maybe the amount of rust is a problem.  What I have written so far manages to be ‘too much’ whilst simultaneously not being sufficiently descriptive.  Clearly being out of practice with fiction isn’t as easy to power through as I had assumed.  It’ll get there though, I’m fairly determined.  And I should stop getting annoyed that what I’m coming up with is shit, because a) I can go back to it and wield the editor’s scythe like the Grim Reaper on crack, and b) because it being amazing wasn’t the prime goal. the prime goal is finishing and submitting something.  It being awesome would be nice, but at this stage my desperation determination to do what I’ve always supposed to be doing has to accept that finishing a short and sending it is a big achievement in itself for me.

In my head, the Rocky four music is playing.

Earlier, my head and ears was full of this:

This video was made by (his name is)RobertPaulson7, click through to his page, he’s entering it in a competition. It’s not bad. If a bit unsettling.

I have a lot of love for Far. Despite not listening to them as much as I should, there’s a massive chunk of my music collection that just would not be there were it not for Jonah Matrangah and co. I got all excited about their new album, but didn’t get round to listening to it until today, and it’s as if they’d never been away. Not mind-blowing, but consistently impressive from start to finish.  This opening track being a particular corking number.  Deafening indeed. Lovely. Musicgush over.

Anyway. To bed!
I have to kick Word’s arse after I’ve recharged.
Lots to do tomorrow, in fact.
I’m coming over all Tracy Turnblad singing ‘Good Morning Baltimore
Only I’m not as shrill and annoying.
Well… not as shrill…


Word Count: 1,089
Soundtrack: Far – At Night We Live


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