Blind Vote

So I’m still pretty undecided as far as to who I will vote for.

I’ve decided that environmental policies are very important to me, but will the Green party offer realistic ideas?

And is voting Green a wasted vote?

A big effect on choice can simply come down to the reputation of the party behind it; Labour have currently fudged things up for the UK, can we really trust the Tories, is there any point voting Green, Lib Dems are always the third choice, BNP are a bunch of c*nts…

So a few websites have their own survey pages who give you policies without the parties attached, only revealing at the end where your opinions lie.

One – Vote for policies not personalities, choose which set of policies you most agree with

Two – Telegraph online, asks if you dis/agree with policy points

And how did mine end up?

Interesting differences there, but the Vote For Policies seemed far more in-depth.
And when it comes down to it, neither site is going to give a spot on representation of the parties involved, so I’m no closer to knowing who I’ll vote for.

It was a nice way to kill ten minutes, though!


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