Election Fever

So I’m going to vote on Thursday.

Election fever has grabbed the country like never before, largely thanks to three televised debates giving politicians access to an audience that would never normally give a damn.
But let’s not dismiss the fact that more people than ever will want to vote through dissatisfaction with – how do I put this intellectually… everything going tits up.

I’ve not voted before, I’ve always stuck to abstaining because of a thorough lack of confidence and trust in any party to save and lead the country.  It has always been the lesser of two evils (and this year, three evils?).
But last year I abstained from voting in the European elections, only to feel filthy and ashamed to see UKIP come second and – worst of all – see the BNP gain two seats. My single vote would not have changed that outcome, but I’m thoroughly ashamed of myself that though my voice could not be associated with a party that reflects negatively on me, neither could it be associated as going against a party like the BNP. Now, my country is represented in Europe by racists.

That is why I’ll be voting.  There is no party that I feel confident about voting for, but would rather throw a vote to Monster Raving Loony than be able to see a rise in racist representation and not be able to say anything against it.

But of course, I have to vote for someone.

So I’ve been studying manifestos, watching debates, comparing policies, taking fun ‘who will you vote for’ web games (one) (two) and following news sites to try and work out who will get my vote.

And I still don’t have a clue


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